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Monday, June 21, 2010

My NB Trail Adventure

I was given the opportunity to hit the trails for the very first time three Saturdays ago, and I enjoyed it. The experience was a welcome respite from running the hustling and bustling pavements of the city.

Last Sunday, I was blessed to join New Balance’s 15k Trail Adventure in Nuvali, and I LOVE IT! ( Thank you NB !)

Start of the trail

Holy cow! There are cows! hehehe

It was raining in Metro Manila when I woke up, but the weather was perfect when I arrived in Nuvali. I brought along my hydration bag and camera to ensure that I will take it easy to enjoy the scenes and avoid injuries.

I’m a newbie (very!) when it comes to trail running, and I asked running buddies for some tips. I have no trail shoes for the occasion, and was advised to use a good pair with enough traction to ensure grip in case of slips. And he was right! I almost slipped a number of times, when I step on wet boulders and mud.

Nature's tunnel

Hitting the trails also taught me to be very careful of the terrain, most especially when it’s a bit rocky and uneven. I almost sprained my right ankle thrice.

It was also the first time that I traversed a brook, and I was exhilarated with the cold water, sand, and small stones that enter my shoes. After this almost 1km episode, I wanted to clean the debris that was stuck inside my shoes, but me and running buddies Edwin, Rania, Abby, and Luis aka Gingerbreadman simply shrugged the idea and proceeded with our run. The result: a hole in my right sock! Hahaha!

To the brook

Myself, Rania, and Edwin

According to my GF305, I finished the race in 2:44:26 (I was late and started at 5:40PM. Official Finish is 2:52:34).

Recovery meal with Totoy, Dhenz, Edwin, Rania, and Ronnel

The adventure was truly memorable for me and I resolved to join more trail runs in the future. I gotta get a pair of trail shoes soon!

For the meantime, this will be my treat while I save for my trail shoes hehehe


gerard June 22, 2010 at 5:12 PM  

Holy cow! andun ba si supacow? :)

great run paps!

Anonymous,  June 24, 2010 at 11:59 AM  

Hi Jet. Great that you did a trail run and hopefully, it was a great experience for you. Good to get off the pavement every once in awhile! Take care my friend!

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