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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Scouting for College

back in high school, my dream was to study college in la salle (i don’t even know where it is). why? no uniforms! i learned from my village friends that you can actually go to school wearing shorts and whatever (kahit yung may print ad ng hardware, hehehe).

so i persevered in my studies, hoping that i get into the habit and cope with my soon to be ‘coño friends and classmates’. never did girls come into my mind that time (ok, i sometimes lie….)

come my senior year, everybody’s busy and crazy to take the upcat. i asked why? they said that its cheaper to study there, no uniforms (maybe this is my motivation back then), big campus (which i recently realized is not actually attractive for me), and that the upcat is a good preparation for other entrance exams. and so i applied. but what course, and in what campus? i don’t know anything yet that time. okay, i asked my dad, mom, and some close friends, and i was influenced to apply for a business course or anything i wish. i picked accounting (quota) in diliman, political science (another quota) in manila, and another course i can’t remember in baguio (malamig kasi, hehehe). what happened? well, i’m an average guy. up and i are not meant to be =)

time to move on. which school next? my auntie is working for pamantasan ng lungsod ng maynila (another state university, but exclusive to manila residents) at that time. she’s willing to help me get in even if i live in paranaque. so i took the exam, and i also failed (i’m not being defensive but please let me qualify, they require higher marks if you’re from a private school and non-manila resident). she can make use of her influence, like what she did to my cousins. but i declined, not because of pride (may uniform kasi sila eh, hehehe), but because i wanted to go to another school, away from my cousins (baka mahuli ako sa mga kalokohan and isumbong ako sa parents ko eh, hehehe).

ok, next school, please?

it was december 1992 when some neat guys went to our classroom for an invitation to attend a vocation orientation for a week. i really don’t understand them that time, but i took the lead of a friend (para may magawa kami after christmas). when i reached the place, seminary pala! oh no! then wala yung friend ko. grrrrr!

ok, time to enjoy (wala na kong magagawa eh). for a week, i lived with the rogationist seminarians and do my share in their chores… wash the dishes, polish the floor, sing, pray, play football, soccer, etc. their life is very organized. i actually loved staying there. took the exams (philosophy, naks!). come march, two of the seminarians came to our home, and is fetching me. whoa! i passed? and they said yes. i declined (wala kasing girls, and kahit seminary, may uniform din kasi eh).

it was already march 1993, and still i have no college school to go to. i asked around. learned about san beda college (no uniforms din, hehehe). but where is it? bahala na…

i applied, this time my attitude is deal or no deal (no retreat, no surrender ata… or no id, no entry… hehehe). i passed! hallelujah! but wait… no girls?! sa college of law pa lang puede mga girls eh. di bale, marami naman outside the gate eh. holy spirit, ceu, la consolation, etc.

till my next blog…


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