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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Wow Bohol! Loboc Church, Bridge, & River

This place was featured in so many television documentaries, for here exists a silly project many many years ago that plans to demolish a church for hidden treasure, and an enchanting river where the experience is a delight to every tourist.

The Altar of the Church of San Pedro in Loboc.

Look at bridge, hitting straight the Church??

Floating restaurants serving buffet meals, traversing the river with breathtaking sights, and and being serenaded live by local musicians are the main attraction in this place . Want it more romantic? Then take the evening cruise, and be enchanted by the lights along the river banks.

Rene enjoyed the whole experience. He jammed with Manong on super ultra mega classical songs, Manuel and I will bet even your mother don't know the title. Half-way through the cruise, there's a group performing various acts to entertain their island visitors.

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