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Saturday, July 18, 2009

RUNNR Defied Their Limits

RUNNR formally opened its doors yesterday, July 17, 2009 with a heart that even a fierce storm can't dampen down. They really defied their limits!

The day started with special preview and testing activities in the morning. Runners were able to experience the state-of-the-art RUNNR FOOTWORX SYSTEM, an accurate and comprehensive approach that allows a runner to take part in determining his foot type and dimensions through a thermodynamic scanning system of the RUNNR PODOSCOPE, analyze his gait through a high-speed treadmill with video, and lastly customize the insoles for the perfect fit via the "Flashfit" machine. With this, I say RUNNR truly knows how to take care of the needs of a fellow runner.

In the evening, RUNNR treated its 1st 100 guests with FREE running accessories. Prizes (shoes? yes! apparels? yes! gadgets? yes! plus other cool stuff!) were generously given away through fun games and raffles that were cheerfully participated by all running guests. Winners of the "Run Away with Free Running Shoes" promo via Facebook were also announced. Congratulations to Meng Trinidad (Newton), Carlito Rustia (Adidas), Mark Hernandez (Nike), Jerry Karundeng (Mizuno), and Rose Santos (New Balance).

Thank you Mr. Toby Claudio and Team RUNNR for your great passion in the sport that we all love. Thank you for opening a store for all runners.

Congratulations and God bless!


Anonymous,  July 18, 2009 at 9:03 PM  

I like the way you put it...I didn't realize it 'til you mentioned it, but we really did defy the limits by ignoring the storm, haha! Thank you Jet!!! It was nice meeting you! I take it you're running tomorrow? Have a great run! :)

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