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Sunday, October 17, 2010

10k Tempo at Blue Water Day Spa Fun Run

I had a hard time looking for a parking lot. I had no choice but to join the wave of vehicles trying to park in the area between One E-Com and SMDC buildings.

After finally securing my car, I jogged towards the starting line. There I met Aleth and her friend, and thought that the race hasn't started yet.

Then the gun-start. I thought that was for the 10k. But when Ambow and Lally greeted me and saw their 5k bibs, I hurriedly ran to catch the 10k runners that went off some 10mins earlier. I caught the pack at kilometer 2.

I then shifted back to my plan: a tempo 10k. And I was so happy to finish in my target pace and heart rate zone.

I am a no frills guy, and expected nothing less than sufficient hydration stations and close to exact race distance from the race organizers. I was happy that both were present at the Blue Water Day Spa "Innovating Wellness" Fun Run.

But wait, I got a bonus.

I already had my recovery walk, but I think my heart rate shoot up while waiting for this shot =)
Photo courtesy of Ceres Nido

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