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Monday, October 4, 2010

Wheezing After My Running Mojo In Corregidor

Sad that I missed this test run. Good thing fellow Team Boring member, Cindy Sevilla, covered the event for me.

The following is her account:

Wheezing After My Running Mojo In Corregidor
by Cindy Sevilla

Imagine this: blue skies, inviting water, stretch of shoreline and ice-cold beer on a charming island west of Manila. Ah that’s what you call life :D

Well, minus the ice-cold beer, I suddenly found myself one Saturday on the rocky island of Corregidor. I was invited to take over my friend, Jet Paiso’s slot at the test run of Corregidor International Half-Marathon (CIHM) together with other runner bloggers (Vimz, Rene, Roselle, Let, Erick, Junrox, Z, Marvs and James). I was so excited to join since I have never been to the island. I have read and heard so much about it from books and friends who’ve been there, that it was so perfect to get to know the island, how else, but by running.

However, things weren’t exactly how I pictured it. Indeed, the ocean breeze and panoramic view was there as we passed along the landmarks like the famous ruins, the Battery Way and the Malinta Tunnel. But I found myself catching my breath under the scorching heat of the three-pm sun. It wasn’t so much the heat that I would be putting the blame on, but the fact that I jumped into a run, albeit a test run, after being a couch potato for several months. It was embarrassing to see the results of living my sedentary life as I lagged behind everyone and we weren’t even half way through the 10k run! Sadly, I must admit I don’t even know if how many kilometers did I exactly manage to run since all I can remember was walking and taking in the sights. That at least I managed to do and enjoyed so much including the photo ops that we did.

Thanks to Edward Kho, the Race Director of CIHM, and Vanessa Ordinario, the Project Coordinator, I got the chance to visit the island via Sun Cruises, Inc . But what amplified my interest all the more was after being a tad bit lost along the route with Let and James, we were given a sample of the trail that’ll be part of the run. It made me so excited that I didn’t mind having the blade grasses (that are taller than me) cut me as I wasn’t wearing arm covers nor tights. I have an affinity for trails and after sometime, we found ourselves at the edge of a cliff overlooking the ocean with the surf below us. I have to say, that definitely was spot on!

With anticipation tugging my winded lungs and pumped-up heart, I realized that in that small rocky island, I slammed straight into my running mojo. I guess one solution for my running drought is to run out of town to see a different view and breathe fresh air (which reminds me that I immensely enjoyed our Tanay run).

After hearing all the surprises in store for runners of the CIHM and having a feel of the route, I guess I couldn’t resist that call of the road and trail. And so now, I prepare, hoping to be able to join and finish the Corregidor International Half-Marathon. Until Dec 19, let’s see then if I can indeed settle the score.

* Pictures courtesy of Sir Rene aka Jazz Runner, Vimz aka Kulit Runner and Atty. Raymund.

* Interested parties who may want to go on tour in Corregidor or do training run, may get in touch with Sun Cruises reservations at 834.6857 to 58 or Sun Cruises sales at 527.5555 loc 4511/12.


Julie @ "Hotlegs Runner" October 5, 2010 at 6:07 AM  

I wanna run there again! =(

Psst jetty. Join my giveaway ha ;) http://www.hotlegsrunner.com/2010/10/product-review-giveaway-kt-tape.html

Kenkoy Runner October 5, 2010 at 12:10 PM  

nice account master! :) palitan mo na si torpedojet! hehehehe ;) nakaka enganyo tuloy mag run sa ganitong pag describe. as compared to the other regular bloggers, your way of writing comes more from the heart, hindi sha parang "pilit"?

good job din kay torpedojet at hindi sha nakasama giving you this opportunity to run again :)

papijet, pagaling ka! tas turuan moko nung TI drills mo hehehe

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