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Friday, April 29, 2011

Weight Management Situations & Action Plans


What a looooooooooooooooong way to lose the pounds again!
Allow me to share to you some of my weight management situations [S] that creates a domino effect resulting to another situation, and my one and only action plan to arrest these and be back to normal (hopefully).

S1: New Career
Yep!  I shifted gears and moved to another company sometime in October 2010, to pursue a career in an industry I've dreamed of since childhood.  Well, technically, I've been once part of this industry way back in November 1999, only to leave after 9 months to pursue further studies.

It took me sometime to achieve my dream job.  My previous work experiences were gained from different industries (pre-need/insurance and retail).  My hard work, self study, relationship building, problem solving, and prayers finally paid of.  I was thankful that everything fell into proper perspective last year, that gave me the green light to move on.

Moving to another company means a LOT of adjustments.  And in my case, such would be very evident as I gain weight.  Its because I really put my heart into my craft, and all other things  (especially physical activities) take the back seat.  Add the social functions that goes with the job, and we have the perfect formula for a completely sedentary lifestyle.

S2: Soaring Fuel Prices
This adds pressure to my already worsening situation.  This made me rationalize some of my trips and limit my workouts in places near my work and residence.

S3: SLEX Toll Hike
Nichols/C5 to Sucat: 56% increase | Skyway Sucat: 25% increase
I always take alternate routes than pay toll in SLEX.  But in an attempt to create some quality time for workouts and rest, and save some fuel to address S2, I've decided some weeks ago to take SLEX and just reallocate budget.

And the romance didn't last long.  Last Tuesday, SLEX toll increased like crazy!  DARN!

Action Plan:  Milo-APEX Running School
Image Source: Milo-APEX Running School Facebook Page
I'm pinning my hopes to this program to arrest my weight gain horrors.  Praise God I gave in to the pressure of team mates in TEAM BORING.  This will compel me to train on a regular schedule, in a single location.  I will also be forced to trust and follow live coaches.

In perseverance, I'm sure I will once again rev up my metabolism and lose weight.  Achieving a better marathon time would simply be cherry for me.

Wish me luck and see you on the road!


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