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Saturday, May 7, 2011

My Epi-Lasik Procedure

I had poor vision since 4th grade. I realized that I can't read well when I was placed at the 4th or 5th row. My parents aren't convinced, and thought that I only wanted to wear glasses. Since then, my nearsightedness developed, that I could no longer recognize familiar faces within 2 meters.

I was already in high school when my eyes were refracted. Ahh, the bliss of seeing things clearly. But soon I found myself very challenged whenever I engaged in sports. Whenever I play basketball, for example, I miss hitting the goal, I accidentally pass the ball to the opposing team, and even got hit by the ball in the face.

Soon I got myself sports goggles, inspired by the great Ferdinand Lewis Alcindor, Jr. aka Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. My friends make fun of me, and tried not to pay attention.

When I reached college, I shifted to wearing contact lenses. This gave me more confidence whenever I work and play. While I enjoy the freedom from wearing glasses, I still feel some discomfort, especially when my lenses get dislodged.

Some 4 years ago, I learned about this LASIK technology but don't have the guts to submit myself and take the risk. I was afraid I would lose my vision, period.

Some of my friends took the risk, and very much enjoyed their regained visual freedom. I still held myself in fear.

Last April 3, during a get-together with Takbo.ph friends, Gail opened the topic and somehow brought out the courage in me.

April 11, Gail called me and told me of Groupon Beeconomic's incredible deal: 50% discount on vision assessment and standard LASIK procedure for both eyes at the Advanced Vision Laser Center of Makati Medical Center. I hurriedly logged in and placed an online transaction.

April 16, 2PM, my eyes were assessed, and learned that I am healthy enough to undergo LASIK. I was further advised by Dr. Uy of the benefits of Epi-Lasik which is very suitable to the kind of active lifestyle that I presently enjoy.

April 20, Holy Wednesday, together with Gail, we were scheduled to be operated at 2:30PM. We arrived around 1PM, and was prepared for an hour. I was 1st to be treated, then Gail, then 3 others.

Myself and Gail goofing before the surgery
Photo courtesy of Noy Consolacion

Dr. Rory Go positions me as Dr Edward Uy (in purple scrubs) prepares.
Photo courtesy of Noy Consolacion 

The procedure was generally painless. It was awesome that I could see clearly immediately after the surgery.

Gail and myself after the surgery.
Photo courtesy of Noy Consolacion

The next 2 days was terrible. I slept most of the time with my shades on, to allow my eyes to heal. I also got myself swimming goggles to wear while taking a bath.

Easter Monday came, and I went back to the doctor for post-operative check. I was doing good and healing on schedule. I was advised that my vision would fluctuate from time to time, as my eyes continue to heal. I got clearance to drive and run after 2 days.

I finally drove my car come Wednesday.

A week after, my doctor re-checked my eyes, and everything's great. Praise God!

I laced up last Tuesday and ran 2.5kms. What a bliss! I ran again the following day, and covered 6kms.

I will be visiting my doctor on May 23. Hope my eyes will be completely healed by then, and that I will have clearance to hit the water for swimming.

I praise and thank God for blessing me with regained vision. I also praise and thank God for dear friends who prayed for my continues healing.


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