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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Livestrong Day Ph

Last Sunday, I joined Livestrong Day Ph 20k critical mass ride.  It was my first time to join a riding event.

The organizers had trouble with the registration and race kit distribution system.  I don't wanna dwell on that here.  I almost got frustrated, and forget about joining, if not for my friends who also wanted to experience the event.

Fellow Bored Members arrived in BGC at 4AM, to claim our kits, and set-up our cars for our Singlet Donation Project.

We also watched another Bored Member, Edwin Rara, race the 30k criterium.

Our 20k critical mass ride started around 9:30AM, and took us 2 hours to finish the route.

Now I know how it feels to ride with a crowd... I get to practice my balance at almost stationary... and mood was festive!

I'm looking forward to the next Tour of the Fireflies.

TBX Riders
Gab, Topher, Rej, myself, and Joy
Photo courtesy of Rod Apolinario

Team Allied Bank
Gab, myself, Fol, Dan, and Rommel
Photo courtesy of Fol Rana

Start of the ride
Photo courtesy of Rod Apolinario

A small token to Live Strong


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