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Sunday, February 19, 2012

FUNtastic Palawan! El Nido

After 16 months, I returned to Palawan to spend vacation in one of its famous beaches: El Nido.

El Nido is a 5 hour (super fast but safe) trip via van from Puerto Princesa.  Good thing there are 2 stop overs along the way (1 for meals, and another for bladder and/or stretching break).

What a long drive!  But's it's all worth it!
El Nido
And the trip was all worth it!  Reaching El Nido, the limestone mountains and serene beach will welcome and transcend you to another dimension, where time suddenly ticks slowly.

Limestone mountain on the left of Marina Garden
I stayed in Marina Garden.  I particularly chose this place because it's very near the Police station.  I thought there will be security issues, but surprisingly, El Nido is a very peaceful and orderly place.  The locals really know how to treat tourists with care.  Visit their website for more information.

Beachfront facade of Marina Garden
View from the main road
The Police Station in front of Marina Garden
There are many stores along the main street where you could buy your supplies.  But the main challenge here is that THERE ARE NO ATMs ANYWHERE IN EL NIDO.  So be sure that you have enough cash to survive during your visit.

View to the right of Marina Garden
There are also many dining places in El Nido.  But I will only feature one that really caught my fancy - Lola's Canteen.  They serve every Filipino's favorite breakfast - Tapsilog, Longsilog, Dangsilog, etc., Barbeques, and other Filipino dishes like Adobo, Menudo, etc.

I love El Nido.  I will definitely go back here for another vacation.

But before that.  I have to schedule another trip to two other famous beaches of Palawan - Coron and Dos Palmas.  Can't wait.

Thanks for reading.  Hope you enjoyed my FUNtastic Palawan adventure.


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