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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

RU 2012 Running Clinic

Earlier, I attended the Run United 2012 Running Clinic in BGC, Taguig, conducted for FREE to all RU registered participants, by former RP Team Athletes and RunRio Coaches.

1 session lasts 2 hours of warm up, dynamic stretching, drills, key workout, static stretching, and cool down activities.

I'm happy that finally, I get to experience a running clinic conducted by Team RunRio.  During the sessions, you can expect the quality of service RunRio is known for.  Cold drinks (Powerade Ion and Viva Mineral Water) were overflowing!  The coaches were controlling the traffic whenever you cross an intersection.  And what I love most is that they are very hands on in assisting you (almost 1 is to 1) in perfecting your form during the drills and stretches.

During the key workout, I think I just renewed my love for running.  I'm so happy with every push I made to keep up with the pace.

To the coaches, thank you very much for your patience and generosity in sharing your talent.  Cheers to Coach Rio dela Cruz and the whole Team RunRio for another successful innovation!

Visit the RunRio site for more details on RU 2012 Running Clinic.

Sharing to you some pictures I took from tonight's session.

2 tents were provided, 1 for hydration, and another for baggages

Tag for easy identification of RU Running Clinic participants

Cooling down

Static stretching

Participants listening as coaches give their running homework
(yep! there's a homework!)


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