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Monday, April 9, 2012

Thorlos Socks

I received an invite from Colerosh, Inc., exclusive distributor of Thorlos Socks in the Philippines, to attend their blog conference.  To be honest, I was too skeptic about the product, and I had reservations from attending the event.

My feet are prone to blisters.  I tried several socks that promises to prevent blisters.  But it seems none worked without the help of baby powder or petroleum gel.

In my 3 years of running, I learned that having the proper gear is crucial.  A wrong match could mean a heartbreaking DNF (did not finish).

Nonetheless, I attended and learned how technical the product was.  I aired my sentiments, and the people from Colerosh welcomed my remark, and asked that I try Thorlos and let them know my experience, good or bad.

Thorlos was invented by Jim Throneburg in Statesville, North Carolina, USA.  It promises to address 7 key elements:

  1. Moisture - helps prevent blisters and fungal growth.
  2. Pressure - helps prevent tissue breakdown, painful calluses, and bunions.
  3. Shear - acts as an interface between shoe and foot, minimizing shearing.
  4. Circulation - helps stimulate proper circulation and arterial flow in feet.
  5. Temperature - moderates borth extremes of temperature inside the shoe.
  6. Posture - acts as a space filler insuring proper shoe fit, improving posture.
  7. Stimulus - insures proper fit of sock and shoe providing total foot comfort.
To know more about the product, visit www.thorlosphilippines.com or www.thorlo.com.  Like them in www.facebook.com/thorlosphilippines for an interactive session with their technical team.

Thorlos in the Philippines are available in Riovana, Toby's, The Athlete's Foot, Planet Sports, Rustans, and ROX.

I will take my Thorlos thin cushion running with coolmax socks for a spin soon.  I will let you know how it fared on my sensitive feet.


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