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Monday, July 9, 2012

Please TRI again

Conversations with Laiya...

Jet:  Hello there!
Laiya:  Hi!
Jet:  Are you usually this rough?
Laiya:  Nope.  A typhoon is exciting and the winds are causing the waves.
Jet:  I've never swam through the waves.
Laiya:  Hmmm... looks like you have a BIG problem.
Jet:  Hell yeah!  But I'll try...

The kayaks were deployed.  Some are capsizing as they go to their position.  I'm already worried.

I saw my TI instructor in Aqualogic two years ago, Coach Norman Pascual, and asked how to deal with the waves.  He told me that the waves will slow me down as I go out, but it will push me as I head back to the beach.  He told me to remain focused and don't panic.

At gun start, seasoned triathletes ran and attacked the water, swimming through the waves.  Others triathletes were able to recon the swim route with the waves, and were more confident.

Some newbies like me walked to the beach and tried to feel the water.  The waves were really scary!

After several meters (and waves), I tried to swim.  After a few strokes, the wave toppled me and I slammed to 3 other triathletes.   I looked for the buoy line, but it was already deranged.  I stopped.  Another wave hammered me.

Frustrated and helpless, I walked back to the beach.  I don't know how to swim through the waves.  I need to secure myself first.  I'm not ready for the waves.  A very humbling experience.

Friends were convincing me to go back to the water, to take it easy.  I can't.  The waves were just out of my league.  I saw some other triathletes retreating.  Some were already finishing their 1st loop.  I surrendered.  A marshal retrieved my timing chip.

Laiya:  Please TRI again.

What a setback!  I'll race another day.


RunningAtom July 11, 2012 at 11:19 AM  

That's a sad day. But at least you tried Sir Jet, then you'll have to tri again another day. :)

pjong,  July 26, 2012 at 8:24 AM  

there is always next time sir... gogogo!!!

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