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Friday, October 26, 2012

A Red Carpet Finish for RUPM Marathoners

Run United Philippine Marathoners are in for a royal treatment on Sunday, October 28, 2012, as a red carpet awaits them at the finish line.  They will be welcomed by cowbell rings and cheers from families and friends.  Filipino marathoners will be given a Philippine Flag to proudly wave as they cross the finish line.

These are just some of what's in-store for RUPM participants.  Visit the Unilab Active Health Village for more fun!

Coach Rio appeals to all to use the 6 ft x 2 ft trash bins in disposing their cups, banana peels, and other trash.  

He also would like to remind everyone to be on time for the gun start.  Runners who arrive at the starting line 15 minutes after the gun start will no longer be allowed to run, for mutual security and protection.  A vehicle will serve as the "tail" of the pack to "sweep" from the starting line 15 minutes after gun start to ensure the safety of all participants.  The swept portion of the route will be closed accordingly.

Sharing to you the updated marathon and half-marathon routes.

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