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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Vaseline Men XTERRA Tri-Outs Camp: Race to Maui

Vaseline Men organizes a five-man team to represent the count to the XTERRA Off-road Triathlon Global Championships in Maui, Hawaii on Oct 28, 2012.

The team is led by Coach Noy Jopson.  Already in the team are Matteo Guidicelli and Drew Arellano.

Matteo, Drew, and Coach Noy Jopson

Seven [7] triathletes slug it out for last two available positions, through a 3-day camp designed by Coach Noy, which was held last Sep 15 to 17, 2012.  Click here to see their profiles.

Counter-clockwise from the top: Redg Plofino, Mark Hernandez,
Dr Martin Camara, Carlos de Guzman, Jinoe Gavan,
Hector Yuzon, and Raffy Zamora
Supporters have a chance to see how the triathletes fared during the camp via the three [3] videos that will be released  every week until October 15.  After each video, supporters may cast a vote for their favorite triathlete, and help decide who goes to Maui.  The remaining two [2] triathletes who will join the team will be announced on Oct 18.

Each vote is equivalent to one [1] electronic raffle entry for a chance to win P50,000.  Two [2] voters of the triathlete with the most number of votes wins.  Voting ends Oct 17.  Winners will be announced via the Vaseline Men Facebook page.


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