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Sunday, November 18, 2012

My RUPM Story

"I haven't ran a marathon this year."  That's what's running on my mind before and during the RUPM blogcon.  I registered for the marathon, but I know I'm not prepared.  I know that I'm bound to fail if I did show up on the starting line, and end up not finishing the race.  I envy those who prepared and will be running the full distance.

My 1st marathon attempt for the year was unsuccessful.  ITBS struck me on the left at km 7 of the Milo Marathon.  It was heartbreaking.  I had a hard time recovering.  Foam rollers and stretching just won't help.  I was trying to get in touch with Coach Titus Salazar for his deep-tissue massage treatment, but can't seem to contact him. (Only to find out that I saved a wrong number on my phone).

Intercare Episode

I first went to Intercare last October 12, 2012, in an attempt to arrest my ITBS issue.  I was really hoping they could get me back on the road.  I loved my first visit, and was looking forward to the next sessions.

I had myotherapy last October 17, and was allowed to run 15k in Adobo Run.  Boy, it was music to my ears when they gave me the go signal to run.  And I was all smiles during the Adobo Run, for I was running (run/walk 2min/1min ratio) with fellow bored member, Joy Vargas, and finished in 2:04:14 in my watch.

I returned to Intercare last October 23, for another myotherapy and ISMART.  After the treatment, I was asked about my training plans, and told them that I'm registered in RUPM.  I also told them that I lack the running mileage, only had biking and swimming as my pre-marathon activities.  I was surprised when they gave me clearance to run, on the condition that I treat RUPM as a long run.  I was elated, and got excited for the race.


Seeing my running friends at the marathon starting line was something that I truly missed.  For me, wishing each other good luck was already a celebration of life.

I'm in my worst marathon running shape, and kept a note on my mind to simply treat the RUPM as a long run.  I will not mind the time.  I won't mind if I'm at the end of the pack, or if I get swept by RunRio's vehicle sweeper.  I just want to finish the distance for personal accomplishment.

I ran the same run/walk ratio (2min/1min) all the way.  I was so thankful when I passed km 15.  I was already celebrating when I passed km 21.  I lost my my heel crash pad on my right shoe at km 27.  My Garmin stopped at km 30, and had to restart.

My Garmin was able to stretch its power for another hour, and retired at km 35.

I still can't see RunRio's vehicle sweeper at this point, and thought that I have a chance to earn the medal.  And true enough, after more than 7 hours, I became an RUPM marathoner.  My fellow bored members and friends in the blogging circle patiently waited for me and cheered as I cross the finish line.

Notice the missing heel crash pad on my right shoe?
Photo courtesy of Phillip BF
I held on the heel crash pad all the way to the homestretch
Photo courtesy of CJ Paran
Photo courtesy of Pedz Verdarozaga
Thank you dear Jesus for the gift of good health and friends.  Thank you Intercare for bringing me back on the road.  Thank you RunRio and Unilab Active Health for a successful RUPM.  Thank you my dear friends for the cheers and sharing the victory.


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