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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Of being busy and hearing God

1 Samuel 3:1-20 / Mark 1:29-39

I felt God’s prompting to share with you my reflection for today. Hope this finds you well.

Who is not busy? I guess all of us are, and maybe tired as well. But reading our Gospel today allows us to have a picture of what kind of a day Jesus is having. He is doing what He is supposed to do from the moment He wakes up in the early morning, up to late in the evening. Perhaps you and I can relate to this experience of His, especially since we started to really get involved in doing His work.

But look at how He lives His very busy life. He still gets to give His time to God in prayer early in the morning. He also gets to plan and think of the other people that He needs to serve. Jesus in His life as a human teaches us how to be fully human by living the kind of life He lived. In this particular instance, we learned that Jesus too was busy, like most of us, and yet He knows his priorities, which is to talk to God in prayer, and serve all.

Talking to God familiarizes us with His ways. Like the young Samuel in the 1st reading, we too may be having a hard time knowing God. Perhaps we need to improve our prayer by doing it more frequent and fervent. We also need to be with Him, by loving the people around us. It is in prayer and our love for one another do we love God and grow in relationship with Him. Only then will we become more familiar to God, His ways, and His calling. This is just like any of our present relationships where we know the ways, thinking, and feelings of our beloved. For example, a beloved may have given you something which you did not received personally, but you really knew it was from your beloved because you just know and familiar to your beloved’s ways.

I thank God for the blessing of a Benedictine formation where I learned the value of ‘Ora et Labora’ which means Prayer and Work. Consequently, I was made aware that in all things that I am into, I am glorifying God.

Buddy, let’s make our life our very prayer to God.

God bless! Praise God!


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