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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Wow Bohol! [start here]

Sometime in June, I contemplated on spending my remaining vacation leaves for the year in Bohol – the province of my MBA buddy, Giov. Known for its Chocolate Hills, Tarsier, and floating restaurants in Loboc River, I never thought I’ll discover another paradise in the Philippines. I shared my plans with my buddies, Rene & Manuel. Excitedly, they said they will join me in my trip. And so, plans continued to develop as June comes to a close. July came and Cebu Pacific is offering promo fares to flights to Visayas destinations.

And so last July 15, I called on Rene to confirm before buying his ticket. Things were a bit different as he sounds hesitant to join, as he still has to work on the pay roll of his wards, and later told me that he’ll go if Manuel will go. I then called Manuel and asked his confirmation. He told me that his company will change principals and that he might not be able to join the trip. I did not tell him Rene’s reply and got the same message: he’ll go if Rene goes. Getting similar messages, I texted Rene and Manuel that the other will go. I immediately purchased the tickets. Bohol here we go!

I called Giov and told him our flight details. Giov is a businessman in Bohol, and learned that he’s presently studying. He told me that he’ll look for a tour guide/driver to bring us to different destinations in the province while he’s in school, and that he’ll catch us anywhere in our trip.

Plans continued to develop. Rene was suggesting that we simply rent a van and roam around the province and stay in a place where night catches us. Manuel liked the idea because the two, together with Mike Nunez, did the same thing when they circled Northern Luzon from Manila. I told them we could do the same thing, but Bohol is a small provincial island, and that by simply roaming around the province would only take us less than a day. We later decided to do a little research about the province and learn more about the sights and wonders it has to offer.

My internet research led me to the email address of a certain Cirilo “Boy” Rule (cirilo.rule@yahoo.com / 0915-6517933), a Boholano in the rent-a-car business. I emailed him about our trip, and he replied offering a tour itinerary. I was surprised with the so many activities he enlisted, and excitement continued to build-up in us as our trip nears.

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April April 25, 2009 at 2:34 AM  

hey Jet! we have a house there in Dauis... =) enjoy Bohol!

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