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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Add years to your life!

It was April 2007 when I felt palpitations for 3 straight days. I normally experience such only for a day when I don’t have enough sleep and drank too much coffee. But at that time, it was different. I knew that I was sleeping enough, and that I’m controlling my coffee intake to 2 cups max a day.

It moved me to seek medical attention. Our medical staff advised that I undergo blood chemistry check, ECG, and medical check-up.

My ECG results are within normal limits, heart rate at 86 bpm. My blood chemistry results showed that my triglycerides and total cholesterol are high. The doctor subjected me to (1) take Simvastatin once daily for 30 days, (2) reduce intake of fatty foods, and (3) exercise.

I only followed the doctor’s 1st and 2nd advice. I even preferred eating vegetables, tuna fish, seafood, and oats over beef or pork, thinking that it would kill me, literally.

On June 2007, my blood chemistry was checked again, and I was hoping for a favorable result. But my triglycerides and total cholesterol worsened. Most terrible is that other indices also increased way above normal levels. I told the doctor what I did. This time, the doctor gave me a different brand of Simvastatin. I was even given a discount card because the brand is a bit expensive. Further, the doctor reiterated my need to exercise.

I exercised this time, but not on a regular basis. I joined my brother’s Sunday night basketball game. After finishing the medications, I once again have my blood chemistry checked on October 2007. I was happy that my cholesterol levels improved to within normal levels. My triglycerides are still a bit high but the doctor told me to continue cutting fatty foods. On the other hand, my uric acid shoots up. The doctor knew that I still did not exercise regularly. I was given Allopurinol to be taken once daily for 30 days.

I now researched on foods that cause high uric acid. I learned that I need to stay away from foods that are high in purines like peanuts, tuna, oats, sardines, squid, etc. I continued the Sunday night basketball, while taking medications.

It was already mid-November that I finished the medications. I was scheduled to have my blood chemistry checked again. But thinking that it’s almost Christmas season and that there are much eating parties to attend to would only mean me not enjoying the holidays if I had my blood chemistry checked. I became stubborn.

It was only after Christmas season, almost near my birthday, that I came into deep reflection about my health. I was turning 31, and carefully thought about my personal goals. I realized the need to add years to my life. Troubles with my health are still lingering, that I finally decided to come up with a natural plan to solve this problem once and for all.

After my birthday, I started working on my plan. I scouted for the best gym that would suit my present lifestyle. I studied about nutrition, calories, metabolism, cholesterol, and purines. I started cleaning my rubber shoes that were kept inside their boxes for a long time.

Come February 2008, I courageously faced my fiercest enemy, myself. As the gym trainer assesses my physical condition, I’m challenged to overcome myself. I set my fitness goal: attain my ideal weight for my height, and improve my health condition. I was 199 lbs back then.

I have learned in the past that it’s very important to give time on something that I need to achieve. And so going to the gym has become an important activity in my weekly schedule. I see to it that I workout 2 to 3 times a week. I even workout everyday when I’m on vacation.

Little by little, my efforts are paying off. I started losing weight. I feel lighter and a lot better. And I’m discovering muscles in my body that I never knew was there. I can already tuck my shirt.

Last month, I had my blood chemistry checked again. I am very happy with the results. All indices are within normal range, except for my uric acid which is slightly high. Thought that the doctor would prescribe me medications, but was told to continue my exercise and diet instead.

I’m 180 lbs now. I still need to shed off 35 lbs. At the rate that I’m losing weight, I am hoping to achieve my fitness goal by year end.

I’m very excited to shop for new clothes!

Buddy, hope this inspires you to add years to your life!


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