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Friday, August 22, 2008

Wow Bohol! Bohol Bee Farm

This place is a very beautiful resort! When I get back to the island, I'll definitely stay here. They have a restaurant - perfect for a romantic meal with a loved one, a farm that offers fresh alternatives for culinary masterpieces, a livelihood center for excellent handicrafts, and a cliff that leads to the deck going to the sea. And since Manuel's camera is with him, Rene and I must content ourselves with my camera that has very limited memory.

The only picture we had. That's a beehive, by the way =)

For more information on Bohol Bee Farm, please click here.

We then had our dinner at Jo's Chicken, then Giov, my MBA classmate who lives in the island, picked us up for some drinks, live band, and catch up stories.

(click here to continue reading, thanks!)


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