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Monday, April 6, 2009

Kerygma 2009 Holy Week Retreat

Coming from Cebu last night (and finishing the TV coverage of the Eraserheads-The Final Set concert around 1PM), I woke up at 5:30 AM to catch the start of the Kerygma 2009 Holy Week Retreat in Angels' Hills, Tagaytay which starts at 7:00 AM.

I drove alone in my car all the way to the venue for my second taste of a 2-day retreat with the Kerygma Family. I had so many emotions at that time, but generally, I'm excited to experience once again, God's love and peace as I start the Holy Week. I also look forward to God's messages, and His blessings.

As Bo Sanchez tells us, the retreat was a reunion of sorts for some participants like me. And the joy of being with like-minded individuals gave me a chance to once again refuel for the missions at hand.

The retreat was about discerning and following God's will for your life. God affirmed me of the things I earlier learned, that knowing His will is easy, only by making yourself more familiar with God's wisdom and ways.

I learned so many new things in the retreat. Let me list them down:

1. My decisions determine my life.
2. God's will is narrow for choices between good and bad are narrow, while it is wide for choices between good and good.
3. The mind is so phenomenal!
4. Look for practical signs. Don't over & under spiritualize.
5. Know your mission of love.
6. Grow up as God's adult children. Trust God and yourself at the same time.
7. Follow your bliss.
8. God wants you to love. All that is required is the willingness to act when the time comes.
9. God does not want you to suffer. If you love, you suffer, for one is a natural consequent on the other. It is the kind of suffering that comes out of love, and is joyful.
10. The goal of life is to love as many people as you can.

God once again manifested His love for me, and be reconciled with Him, by simply bringing myself to His representative here on earth. That's all that I did, and He forgave me of my shortcomings without even me uttering my sins. I praise and thank God for His gift of life and mission to His representative, and I pray that He continue to bless him with good health and long life.

God also surprised me with my young brothers and sisters in YFC visiting me in the retreat. They gave me a retreat letter. I was so happy and felt God's warm embrace when I saw them. It was as if I missed them so long, yet I was with them for 3 days in Cebu, before the retreat.

Lastly, God wanted me to claim my 7 dreams in His name. He shook me once again with His word, found in John 16:24 "Until now, you have not asked for anything in my Name. Ask and you will receive, that your joy may be full." I was so humbled hearing His message. And this made me reflect deeply on what I really dream and pray for. I examined my heart for its deepest desires, and made it part of a novena that I will pray daily until God unfolds it before my eyes.

Thank you Jesus, for loving me, blessing me, and making me experience your joy and peace in this retreat.

Let me share to you some pictures we had:

with Bo Sanchez

with Toto Abellada, Dimples Gabriel, Rene Artista, and Bo Sanchez

with Fr. John Sherlock

with Obet Cabrillas and Toto Abellada

with my YFC brothers & sisters (Byrone Fabiosa, Joanna San Pedro, Sarah Salud, Marvin Joel, and Martha Panopio).

One more time, with feelings hehehe...


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