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Monday, June 22, 2009

Memorial Run & Father's Day

Memorial Run

While having our recovery meal after the PTAA run in UP last Sunday, Nicky, Rafa, Cesar, Alvin, and I planned to have a “Memorial Run” in Manila Memorial Park in Sucat, Paranaque City (very creative campaign huh? hehehe). Our objective is to continue with our mileage build-up training program, and share at the same time the joyful benefits of running to our brethren in CFC Singles For Christ.

We then sent out invitations, and we’re able to enlist a very significant number. Some signified intentions of joining but failed to show up, while others were shy to enlist but were present come yesterday morning. Nevertheless, it was a “spirit-filled” moment that gave us opportunities to “soul search” and commune with God and nature.

Chari, Tin, Dax, Joan, Lorie, Cathy, Erwin, Elaine, JM, Chaz, Bambi, Nicky, Lucy, Rafa, Rem, ME, Edoard, Cesar, Alvin, and Henry.

Here are the highlights:

-Presenting, the 1st time road runners/walkers (in my knowledge, correct me please if necessary): Ailee, Archie, Bambi, Chari, Elaine, Joan, Lorie, Lucy, little Matt, baby Moses (does he count? Of course he counts hehehe), Ram, and Roy (with his camera! A Ben Chan in the making).
-Rafa ran his 1st 16k. Told you bro, you can do it!
-Cesar initially planned to run his 1st 10k. He ended up running 16k. Congrats Cesar! We’re happy to awaken the African in you hahaha!
-Alvin ran his first 10k, and discovered it wasn’t that bad after all hahaha! Congrats Alvin! Keep running brother, to build the mileage and endurance.
-Dax, who experienced high blood pressure last Thursday, covered 9.5k! He was a bit shy to join at first, but I’m glad he showed up. Initially, he simply planned to run for 30 mins, but when he caught me along the route and chatted with me, he ended up covering a longer distance (Dax is a natural athlete. He’s a former professional basketball player, and currently works as Assistant Coach of three school-based basketball teams).
-Lorie was very patient that morning. She was very supportive to Dax from start to finish.
-The very energetic, badminton smashing, age-defying, and inspiring servant leader, Koya JM, also ran with us (bring Ate Della next time. I know she’s doing her own training in Tahanan, with Megan).
-The Dionela family joined the run. The family that runs together stays together!
-Santos siblings were complete. I honor you guys for sharing the same passion and interests. I thought I was successful when I was able to bring my brother last 3May2009 in the Southern Run in ATC. But he thinks running does not appeal to him. I’m positive he will reconsider his position soon.
-Fashion Czarina-Lucy, can’t decide what to wear, ended up bringing 3 tops for the run hehehe!

Here are some more pictures:
Joan, Bambi, Chaz, Cathy, Lucy, Elaine, Lorie, Chari, and Tin.

Girls just wanna have fun... click the picture above or here for some action.

Dax, Alvin, Erwin, Henry, Rafa, Edoard, ME, Roy, Cesar, Ram, JM, and Nicky.

Finally, my running shot!

Special thanks to Roy Gonzales for the beautiful pictures. To see more, please click here, thanks!

Father’s Day

Yesterday as well, we honored a very loving and simple man-- our Daddy.

Dad retired from work almost a year ago, and contented himself to stay at home, regularly exercise in the morning, receiving a small pension, do his share of household chores, watch basketball and his other favorite shows on TV, and play computer games.

Dad grew up simple and poor. He used to be a street vendor and sleeps along with his merchandise in Paco, Manila to help provide for his family while pursuing his studies. He never told us about this, but I learned about it from his relatives. He is one street-smart, hardworking, sacrificing, and loving person.

After college, Dad pursued a career in banking. Dad worked his way from being a bank operations staff to bank executive, in different local and international banks.

Dad was very generous. He not only provided to us, his family, but to a lot of people—his mom, his immediate and extended siblings (his father was a Muslim), relatives, and even friends, in the hope that they too will eventually have better quality of life.

And so yesterday, we really wanted to make it very special for him. The day started with him surprised with new Dockers Polo Shirts for the occasion. We ate lunch at home with Mom’s delicious Tagalog Batchoy. In the afternoon, we went to MOA Complex as per Dad’s choice. We walked around the mall to get Dad some brand-spanking footwear from Sanuk or Crocs, but he lovingly declined the offer. We then had our snacks in Chowking. At 5:30 PM, we hear mass in the Shrine of Jesus, after which we went to SM Dept Store (plugging? hehehe) to finally get him some new footwear. Being the very simple person that he was, he opted for Advan shoes (Kuya Rene’s favorite) and World Balance rubber sandals. To cap the night, we had our dinner in his restaurant of choice-- President’s Tea House.

Dad was very happy sharing the day with us his family. Yesterday, I fully understood Robert Kiyosaki’s definition of rich: The ability to live without the need of money. Daddy is rich! He is very very rich!

Everyday will be happy father’s day, Daddy! We love you!


Rod June 22, 2009 at 9:05 PM  

hi jet! nice "memorial" run, bro! =) belated happy dad's day to you. and... robert kiyosaki's the man. =)

Jet Paiso June 22, 2009 at 10:08 PM  

yeah, kiyosaki's the man! thanks rod!

Anonymous,  June 23, 2009 at 1:43 AM  

Hi Jet. Very nice and touching post. Take care my friend!

Jet Paiso June 23, 2009 at 8:21 AM  

thanks wayne! take care as well. God bless!

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