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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Review: CW-X Stabilyx

This will be my very first attempt to review a product, and hope I’ll be successful to convey my experience.

I was blessed to be invited to the grand opening of RUNNR last July 17, 2009, and was super blessed to choose a special gift of either the customized insole or CW-X conditioning wear. Now, the newbie in me got very excited, and tried to compose myself by observing what the other guests are getting. When I saw that most are availing the CW-X, I got intimidated a bit, but what the heck, just get the gift and be thankful! =)

CW-X has a collection of conditioning apparels to support every athlete’s needs. I chose the CW-X Stabilyx because it claims to support various parts of the midsection and the lower body.

While trying it on, I said to myself, ‘What are you up to now, Jet?’ Then suddenly, my imagination ran faster than my pace! It made me feel like a man on a mission. A Super Hero! Images of my favorite super heroes below were flashing on my mind and thought that they may actually be wearing those spanking spandex as a need to support their daring activities rather than concealing their identities and look good.

In Run for Home last July 19, I ran my 2nd half-marathon for the causes of Globe-Ayala Land and Mheng Torres, and so I wore my CW-X Stabilyx to somehow justify my little act of kindness. Though with some degree of shyness, I summoned all the courage in me as I stepped out of my car, walked towards the assembly pen, and ran with the pack of runners of all levels.

The CW-X Stabilyx excellently supported my thighs, legs, knee, and back. The aches that I usually feel in these areas while running were nonexistent all throughout my run. I felt like it aligned my body very well as I propel, and that it corrects my running posture especially when I’m already tired. My lower body was amazingly dry and protected from sunburn. Lastly, I have chaffing problems in my inner thighs, but with this product, I don’t have to put on petroleum jelly.

Click here for more information about the product and other CW-X conditioning wear. In the Philippines, CW-X is available in RUNNR, Bldg. B3, Bonifacio High Street, Taguig City, NCR.


Gingerbreadman August 5, 2009 at 10:31 PM  

Nice review Jet! Oh crap with my current injury I am so so so tempted to get a pair if only because I'm afraid of a relapse. SO how was it man? Breathable? I am hearing near-unanimous good reviews :)


Jet Paiso August 6, 2009 at 11:12 AM  

thanks luis! i suggest you get one to support you during recovery and keep you injury-free. yep, the material is breathable, and if not for the compression, i'll almost feel i'm half-naked hehehe =) but if you really want a more refreshing feeling, try the cw-x ventilator.

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