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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

T minus 24 days, and counting...

It's 24 days to go before my marathon debut in Subic, Zambales. The recent personal and Typhoon Ondoy events are disheartening, but I must not lose focus on my training.

Over-trained? Rest!

I felt like the quality of my recent training runs are declining. Here you will read that I resolved to get back to heart rate monitor (HRM) training. After the ROTARun, I got sick and spent the holiday resting. The following day, I skipped my 8k easy run, and went to the neighborhood spa for some foot spa to treat my blister in my right pinky toe (which I regret, you'll know in a bit) and body massage pampering.

Come Thursday, I really felt strong, and resumed my training by running a 5k tempo. I was like an animal that got out of a cage! Hehehe... However, after the run, I got (not one but) two new blisters, this time at the balls of my feet (one on the left, and another on the right). Julius was right in his reply to my facebook shout. Foot spa removes all the callouses that protect your feet from blisters!

Friday, I learned something new from The Fit Mommy in solving blister problems. So I hurried to Toby's to get my tape and experience its benefits. After office, as I was preparing for my 8k easy run, this guy named Ondoy came and scared the blisters in me. Again, I skipped the run, and went home to rest.

Saturday, me and my buddy Rafa planned to go to Subic to recon the race route and do some ocular in our accommodation, but Ondoy spoiled the day and went all out, flooding Metro Manila and its neighboring provinces. No one was spared. Our house got flooded for the first time, that prompted me to create a small canal from our gate, to allow water to flow out of our place. This made my back and arms sore like hell. Good thing, the New Balance Race the following day got canceled because of the Ondoy aftermath, and I got to rest (again!).

Physical Inventory

With all the things that happened last week, I can't help but do a physical inventory during my rests, of what I have, and what I could still do, to pursue my marathon dream.

Immediately, I went back to the drawing board, and fixed my training plan. With 24 days left, I'm positive that my dream is still feasible. I just have to train wisely with the aid of my HRM, to avoid under or over-training.

My Present Maximum Heart Rate

The simplest formula to defines one's maximum heart rate (MHR) is 220 minus age. Thus, my present MHR should be 188. However, my Suunto HRM had a different formula that yielded a slightly higher MHR of 190 when I plugged in my age.

Actually, there are a lot of schools of thought to determine MHR. But as I've said earlier, I need to be wise and simplify everything. So I'll follow 190 MHR for my training.

Tuesdays and Fridays are strictly for EASY RUNS

Using an HRM, easy runs are defined as training at 65 to 70% of one's maximum heart rate. I need to sacrifice speed at the moment, to allow my body to recover, perfect my running form, and build endurance at the same time. I've learned that running at this pace develops my smaller leg muscle groups that are meant for endurance runs.

Thursdays are for TEMPO or SPEED INTERVALS

Again, with the HRM, tempo is defined as training at 88 to 92% of one's maximum heart rate, while intervals are at 95 to 100%. This would address the speed issue, and allow me to execute the running form I'm practicing during easy runs, at a much faster pace. At this pace, its the turn of my larger leg muscle groups to function and develop.

Sundays are for LONG RUNS

Still with the HRM, long runs are defined as training at 75 to 85% of one's maximum heart rate. These runs will serve as "practice runs" for my marathon race.

NO RUNNING on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays

I need to treat these days "holy" to allow my running muscles rest completely. I will also spend these days training other parts of my body, like the core and upper body.

My Run Today

So how did I fair earlier? Today, my training plan ordered an 8k easy run. Using my uncalibrated foot pod for a perceived distance, I finished my run in 1:10:36. Pace was 8:50 min/km, and average heart rate at 143 bpm. Yep! I missed training inside the easy run zone by 5%. Tsk tsk tsk! How can that be? I'm incredibly slow already!

Well, the only explanation that I could think of is that I'm not well rested. I still need to spend some more time resting (and sleeping), for my heart to fully recover, and lower my heart rate at a faster pace.

I also tested the tape that promises zero blisters. At first, I felt awkward, but soon I get used to it and felt like nothing was there. Yep, (the fit) mommy knows best! No blisters!

That's all folks. Time to rest and get some sleep. Hope I fair well next time, wish me luck! =)


Rico Villanueva September 30, 2009 at 2:10 PM  

Is that baby you, Jet? Haha

Looks like you got everything covered. We just have to go to Subic, run and have fun!

Gigi September 30, 2009 at 8:05 PM  

Hi Jet! Glad the tape helped... Naku, parehas lang tayo... Kahapon lang ako nag-run. Rest again today... Kinakabahan ako for SIM - and excited at the same time :D

trumanian September 30, 2009 at 9:10 PM  

nice post, jet. :) i do wanna follow a fixed sked for running, but the unpredictable weather conditions are a hindrance. :P i end up running on good days, thinking that it might rain the following day.

jetpaiso October 1, 2009 at 7:48 AM  

hey rico, i wish that cute baby was me (or mine hehehe) yep, very excited here for sim =)

hi gigi, thanks for the tip! (the fit) mommy knows best =)

hey bryan, read from runner's world, that one should follow a plan. in case you missed the run for the day, it says that you only missed the day, not the training. makes sense to me =) kasi i end up wrecked if i do remedial sessions =)

Gingerbreadman October 1, 2009 at 8:01 PM  

The dead tired camel was cute :) You can do this Jet, we believe in you! I'll be right there cheering you on my friend :) Just keep on training!

Jet Paiso October 1, 2009 at 11:49 PM  

hey luis, i think its a bear hehehe

thanks bro for the push =)

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