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Sunday, June 6, 2010

5k Picture-taking Pace

Waking up hearing raindrops makes you want to sleep more. Add to that the fact that you just came from a 15k trail run that took you almost 4 hours to finish, and some colds, would really convince you and justify the DNS (did not start) race result.

But I don't want that. I know I can still slug it out. I just need some more motivation to bring myself to the starting line of UN World Food Program's End Hunger: Walk the World event. I guess bringing a camera and taking some shots will do the trick.

Rafa picked me up and got a free ride going to the site (thanks bro!). We arrived with a few minutes to spare to prepare.

No 5k PR this time. I finished before the 35 minute clock strikes. But I have these to share:

It was drizzling...

5k Runners

1k Walkers

Sea of Participants

UN WFP Head with Vince & Patricia Hizon

Urban Runners (and Walkers)

Pocari Sweat (I LIKE!)

How about: End Trash?

Near the Turn-around

Pocari Sweat Station at the Finish

Some Presentation

Takbo.ph Class Picture

I think I need a crash course in photography =)


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