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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My 2011 BDM 102k Story [2nd of 2 Parts]

Sorry, it took me some time for the 2nd installment of my story.  As in the actual race, it also took me sooooooooo much time (as in 7:44 hrs ++) finishing the last 30 kms.

I had no major issue running the 1st 72kms.  While I experienced the same cramps in my quads, I learned how to address it, and get back the running groove after a minute or two.

But the heat of the noontime sun drained all the energy that was left in me.  Add the fact that my crew are having a hard time attending to me, Aaron, and Edwin.  I wanted to be selfish, to be grumpy at that time.  But that's not the right thing to do.  My crew are composed of people who are dear to me.  They are part of my extended family.  They also grueled the same time that I've spent on the road.  They also have a stake in my race.

My Garmin surrendered at km 72.  My compadre, Doc Topher, let me borrow his Garmin, but in my sleepiness, I only got to press the start button after 2 kms.  It was also during this time that I intentionally slowed down, to conserve energy, and wait for some fellas to catch up and keep me awake while sharing stories (I really got bored, you know?! hehehe).

Somewhere in between km 73 & 74, while I was in the opposite side of the road, a familiar voice called me, and was happy to see Joseph Baltazar aka Prince.  I thought he was simply resting, and didn't understand at first that he wanted to call it a day.  I shouted (and even cursed him, I think) and told him to join me in my march.  After 3 or 4 loud exchanges, he gave in and joined me.  I praised and thanked God for that moment.  I learned that he injured himself.  I encouraged him to finish no matter what.  But I guess, he really is in pain, for after a kilometer or so, he bid me goodbye and joined his crew.

I was alone was again, and a bit concerned with my hydration.  I sensed that there are no runners within 3 kms of my radius, for I see no support crew within range.  I was really thirsty at that point.

After 1 or 2 kms, I finally saw Angel Henson's crew.  It was like seeing a mirage.  Receiving an ice cold water was a bliss.  I knew that Angel is a few kilometers near me, and he could catch me anytime.

After the road construction episode in Pampanga, I finally saw Angel.  I asked him if he still has dreams of making it to the cut-off, and learned that all that concerns him is to finish.  I was honest enough to tell and ask him, to march with me all the way to the finish.

We took a rest whenever we felt the need.  We pushed each other, encouraged, shared stories, and kept each other awake and sane.

Want some barbecued chicken mohawk?
Photo courtesy of TMontaos

Somewhere near km 87, I suddenly felt total exhaustion.  I wanted to rest some more, and wouldn't cooperate anymore with my crew.  To make things worse, I already felt that familiar burning sensation in my soles, an indicator that blisters will soon appear.  I remembered my 2010 BDM 102k DNF, and told myself "never again."

Look at my soles.  I endured walking with those nasty BIG BLISTERS at the balls of my feet.

Reaching km 92, I was already pleading to Angel not to leave me.  It was getting dark, and I'm already getting impatient.  I was close to sleeping already while marching, and Angel was so generous to accompany me all the way to the finish.

'Ang layo pala ng 10k'
Photo courtesy of TMontaos

YES!  WE FINISHED 2011 BDM 102K!  Crossing the finish line with the cheers of my Team Boring Family and friends was surreal!  I felt like a victorious gladiator coming home.  I cried without tears, and exchanged hugs and high fives.

A hero's welcome
Photo courtesy of Team Boring (di ko maalala kung sino hehehe)

Angel is an angel
Photo courtesy of Team Boring (di ko na maalala kung sino hehehe)

Felt like a podium finisher
Photo courtesy of LGripal

Team, whenever I glance at my trophy, I remember not the grueling 102 kms.
I remember the good times we shared, multiplied 102 times!
From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!
Photo courtesy of MBuban

Congratulations to all finishers, support crew, and race organizers!

Special thanks to my crew: Topher, Rod, Cindy, and Nonong!  Thanks to all who extended help and generously shared their provisions.  Thanks Angel for the company.

Praise God for another weekend full of love.


Anonymous,  March 31, 2011 at 1:23 AM  

Congrats , Jet !!!
should have told them about the 'chicken' incident . . .

- nonong

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