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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Am I ready for the 35th Milo Marathon Eliminations?

Now that the Milo-APEX Running School season is over, I can't help but try to assess my readiness for the upcoming 35th National Milo Marathon Eliminations next Sunday, July 31, 2011.

To be honest, I still feel some jitters.  Though my only goal is to finish within the cut-off time of 6 hours, I still feel that I'm not that prepared enough to conquer myself and Milo.

Last year's experience was hell for me.  I got injured after covering the first half, and walked all the way to the finish.  7 freaking hours to console myself of the hard training I poured in, to realize a 5 hour marathon dream.  I didn't mind the looping route.  I was aware of the possible hydration problem at the end of the stretch.  I was confident than I can pull it through.  My friends will back me up, and they did.

And the woes did not end there.  I struggled in the succeeding races, as my injury worsened and injured other muscle groups.  It took me some time to bounce back.

And so many other stuff happened that changed my circumstance.  Good thing my drive to run is still there.  And there are a lot of opportunities that came my way, to set my eyes on that Milo Marathon Dream.

  • Milo-APEX Running School - The coaching team led by Coach Jim Saret pushed us to our limits.
  • RunRio, Inc. - Yep!  Coach Rio dela Cruz will race direct this year's Milo Marathon Eliminations.  Expect nothing but the best along the route.
  • Loops no more! - I long to run the classic Milo Marathon route.  Some modifications were made, but still best than last year's loops.
Next week, will be my 2nd attempt to capture that Milo Marathon Dream.  42.195 kms.  6 hours.  Wish me luck!

Sharing to you some pictures taken during our Milo-APEX Running School season.

Speed training under the rain
Photo courtesy of Marvin Opulencia

Team Boring with Coach Jim and fellow Milo-APEX classmate
Photo courtesy of Milo-APEX Team

Beeps and I doing the back crawl
Photo courtesy of Milo-APEX Team

Coach Romeo got bored
Photo courtesy of Carlo Serrano

Resting before the next elastic band workout
Photo courtesy of Carlo Serrano

Core balance workout
Photo courtesy of Milo-APEX Team

Killer core workouts
Photo courtesy of Milo-APEX Team

With Beeps and Jai, listening to a lecture
Photo courtesy of Bea Hernandez


Anonymous,  July 25, 2011 at 9:16 AM  

Bro Jet,

You can do eeet!!!


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