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Friday, August 5, 2011

I almost QUIT - My Milo Marathon 2011 Story

Yep!  When I reached Seaside Boulevard from CCP, I almost tear my bib, quit, and walked going to my car.  But two fellows (sorry I didn't get your names) who were with me at the battle encouraged me to carry on.  After all, they told me what's a couple of kilometers to complete a marathon day.

So what happened?  It was a rainy early Sunday morning.  We arrived in MOA an hour earlier to secure parking, and do our last minute marathon preparations.  We met our fellow teammates in Team Boring and wished each other the best of luck.  It was also during this time that I was having problems getting a GPS signal.

Team Boring and Friends
Photo courtesy of Rod Apolinario 

We then braved the rains to proceed to the starting pen.  We were all wet.  I was already bothered with my socks, and was afraid of the blisters to which my feet are perennial of getting at the slightest moisture.  I refocused and prayed while waiting for the gun start, and hoped nothing but to finish within the cut-off.  I psyched myself, very confident that I can make it.  I repeated told myself "the usual run-walk will do the trick."

When the gun went off, we ran like kids playing in the rain.  Was able to meet more friends along way, and exchanged good lucks.

Everything went well at the beginning, except for my Garmin, which after some 1.7kms (approximately 12 mins), I realized that it needs some resetting (talk about pre-marathon jitters hahaha).  I was feeling good with the rain kissing me and limited my walk breaks at water stations.

After the Buendia flyover, I felt cold and took a leak and knew that I'll be dehydrated soon.  I soon replenished with "PoweRain" (Powerade with rain water).

Reaching Baclaran, I suddenly felt a familiar cramp on my left calf.  It was more of walking this time than running.  Approaching Buendia, I was greeted and cheered by dear friends.  Just a few meters after, it was my right calf's turn to experience the nasty cramp.  I knew I'll be in trouble soon.

Going to Buendia
Photo courtesy of Jojo Pauly

I made the long stretch of Buendia a leaking haven.  It was so cold that I couldn't help but pause from time to time to relieve my bladder.  I reached Km 21 before 7 AM.  It was more of a mind game at that time.  I resolved to keep moving forward no matter what.

Some of my friends were already heading to the finish when I reached Kalayaan flyover.  I was so happy with their run, and was inspired to carry on.

Somewhere along Rizal Avenue in BGC
Photo courtesy of BroJ

After my Lawton turn-around, I noticed that there were only a few runners behind me.  Honestly, I panicked and felt the need to take a number 2.  McDonald's Forbes Town was a blessing.

The sun shone mightily before I revert to Kalayaan flyover.  The hydration stations were already packing up.  I felt I was forsaken and asked for the rains.

I reached Km 32 two minutes before the cut-off time of 9AM.  I knew that there was no way I could finish the last 10 kms in 1 hour.  I haven't done a 10k sub-60!  Some vans and motorcycle marshals were already sweeping other runners, and asked me several times if I could keep up.  I just told them that I'm OK and ran and kept moving forward.

At Buendia-Osmena, the hydration station is all set to go.  I HAVE TO BEG THE LADY FOR A BOTTLE OF POWERADE TO KEEP ME GOING.

Reaching Taft Avenue, I was already pissed and stopped running and kept on walking.  I was already flirting with failure, and just wanted to go home.  Reaching Roxas Boulevard, I was guided by the marshals to the CCP area.  I saw fellow runners in front and behind me who are no longer running, simply walking like me.

At the Aliw Theater, a man at the hydration station gave me two glasses of ice cold water.  It was an awesome relief for a tired and battered runner.  I said "thank you" and heard him say "your welcome."  A very simple gesture worth mentioning.

I tried to run for my cheering friends, but just can't
Photo courtesy of Carlo Serrano

And the walk continued to the finish.  My Garmin was already dead when I reached EDSA.  At the homestretch, it was a bliss seeing my friends who were cheering for me like I were a champ.

It was a Milo Marathon PR for me!
Photo courtesy of Rod Apolinario

I'm so thankful for the 2 dudes who encouraged me to finish.  Finally, I have a Milo Medal.  That's all that matters to me now.


daytripper1021 August 5, 2011 at 9:20 AM  

way to go Jet! more marathons to come so I hope you'll get your sub-6 goal by then.

all the best!


Daves August 5, 2011 at 9:58 AM  

congrats papi jet! :)

Anonymous,  August 5, 2011 at 3:43 PM  

Awesome and inspirational story. Way to gut it out and finish!!
Michael n (Dailymile)

Anonymous,  August 8, 2011 at 10:44 AM  

congrats papi...


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