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Thursday, September 1, 2011

My Mizuno Wave Prophecy Experience

Sharing to you my Mizuno Wave Prophecy experience. Read my first post to learn more about the shoe.

August 2 | 6:31 PM
Recovery Run | BGC | Drizzles
2.5 kms | 18:21

Right calf still tight but everything was surprisingly OK

August 4 | 7:13 PM
Effort at 85% | BGC
5k | 34:17

The ride was sweet. The roll was smooth during my occasional heel strike.

August 7 | 5:00 AM
Long Run | BGC | Drizzles
21 kms | 2:52:59

Great that I'm blessed to join NBA Fit AIR21 Run and run 21k. It was drizzling at the start, and the roads were all wet.

Coming from last Sunday's Milo Marathon, I have no goal but to simply have my recovery long run. During the run, I was trying to feel my legs for signs of cramp, but was surprised that everything went well all throughout the race. I knew that I could finish way much earlier, but I conserved as planned.

Oh by the way, I had blisters at the start, from yesterday's barefoot run of the Bald Runner. I think the Prophecy did everything possible for me to finish and enjoy my recovery long run today.

August 11 | 7:00 PM
Easy Run | MOA
6.11 kms | 45:00

I was accelerating in some parts of the route and the Prophecy was responding well.

August 14 | 5:00 AM
Easy Run | CamSur
5.2 kms | 41:23

Ironman 70.3 Weekend. While packing my stuff, it was a no-brainer that I will bring along my Mizuno Wave Prophecy.

TBX crew ran from Spring Valley Resort to CWC. I enjoyed the sweet and short ride, especially during the occasional ascends and descends.

August 21 | 5:09 AM
Long Run | BGC
21 kms | 2:48:25

Everything as superb as the 1st long run last Aug 7. I had to slow down though in some parts of the course due to nagging cramps on my left calf.

Photo courtesy of A Runner's Circle Manila

In summary, all that the Mizuno Wave Prophecy promised was fulfilled during my runs. I had nothing but raves for the shoe, and am always looking forward to the next run.

I'm still working out on my schedule for a marathon or an ultra with the Prophecy. I will definitely share with you how the Prophecy will fare in very long runs.

For the meantime, I will leave you with this cool videos from other runners who also experienced and loved the Prophecy.

Runner: George H

Runner: Ryan K

Runner: Ryan G


mizuno October 7, 2011 at 6:32 PM  

Thank you for sharing this great article. Hope to read more from you. Keep it up!

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