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Monday, November 21, 2011

When UltraRunners do Multisport (Part 1 of 2)

November 19 and 20 was a weekend for Multisport athletes.  Together with fellow ultra-bored members, we had this crazy idea of venturing into this unknown territory and experience first hand the thrill of the Duathlon and Aquathlon.  We were surprised that other ultra-runners were as crazy as we are.

Photo courtesy of Bea Hernandez
November 19 marked the 3rd leg of the Powerade Philippine Duathlon Open 2011 held in Nuvali, Sta Rosa, Laguna.  This race features the standard duathlon distance of 10km run + 40km bike + 5km run.  And we had no idea what it meant.  We're just there for the experience.

Gun start was scheduled at 6:00 AM.  Race officially started some 30 mins after.

I managed to finish the 10km run within my target time.  It was a very boring to run 3 loops, but that's ok, I'm bored anyway (hehehe).

I got too excited at the start of the bike leg (another 3 loops).  I thought that this will be the easy part and that I could catch up with my buds.  I was confident that I knew the route already, after running it during the TBR marathon.  Wrong Jet!

Photo courtesy of Endure Multisport
At the long uphill climb approaching the U-turn, I felt something in my right calf that I'm familiar only while running: CRAMPS.

I was in panic.  I'm wearing my cleats, and fear that it might be late for me to disengage from the bike and lose my balance.  Good thing I was able to dismount, relax and stretch a bit.  I prayed for recovery and safety all throughout the race.

After the U-turn was the thrill of the speed, where we cruised some 50+ kph downhill.

I was already struggling on the 2nd loop.  Cramps begin to appear on my left calf, and both quads as well.  I was cruising in slow motion, trying to survive the race.  I took more breaks to stretch.

On the 3rd loop approaching the rotonda (which is a short but very steep climb), all quads and calves suddenly locked.  I lost my balance, and crashed.  Good thing I fell on my left shoulder, and that no vehicle ran over me.  Nuvali's marshal immediately assisted me towards the sidewalk.

As I went off to salvage the bike leg, my tire went flat.  It was the 1st time that I experienced such.  I safely pulled over and tried to figure this thing out.  Fellow competitors were overtaking me.  I knew that its time to surrender.  I was back on the road after some 10 mins.

All leg muscles surrendered when I dismounted at the transition area.  That was curtain call for me.  I did not dare to run another 5km and finish the race.

It was definitely an experience and I learned I lot.

(to be continued)


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