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Saturday, February 18, 2012

FUNtastic Palawan! Food Trip - Ka Lui

Puerto Princesa hosts several restaurants that are original in the city.  Each has its own ambiance and specialty. I enjoyed dining in these restaurants.  Thanks to my work colleague, Lo-an Reyes, for leading me to these great places.


Located along Rizal Avenue near the airport, Ka Lui Restaurant is the Rolls Royce of Dining in Palawan (in my humble opinion).  Make sure you call them for reservation.

Visit their website http://www.kaluirestaurant.com/ for more information.

To ensure that the whole place is clean

They keep your footwear here...

...and here.

Good thing I'm wearing socks =)


Seafood sinigang sa buko

Mixed fruits

Clean Toilets

Art Collection

One of the gardens inside the resto

Dining area

Hand washing area

For a more relaxed dining experience

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