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Monday, November 4, 2013

Let's Get Personal! [My Fitness First Chronicles]

Many triathletes welcome the closing of the 2013 season.  Many look forward to longer rests, parties, and catching up with friends and loved ones.  In my case, I dread the coming off season.

My friends, 2013 was a very challenging fitness year for me.  See, I moved to my present company last November 2012.  The adjustment in the work environment took a toll in my overall lifestyle.  To keep me going, I registered in Ironman 70.3 Philippines (August 2013).  I participated in Tri United races (March and July 2013) for tune up.  I also joined several 21k races in between.

Despite these, I can't strike a work-life balance, and my fitness level went haywire!  I continuously gained weight and size, and had to be contented to simply finish every race I joined.  I need help.

Good thing I was introduced to Fitness First's Personal Training (PT) Microsite [http://www.fitnessfirst-letsgetpersonal.com].  It allows me [1] to meet their certified PTs; [2] be matched to the ideal PT to ensure achievement of personal fitness goals; [3] watch the personal stories; and [4] be inspired to embrace an active lifestyle.

The PT Microsite shows the profile of every trainer in every Fitness First Club
Last October 29, I went to Fitness First BGC and trained with elite PT, Mr. Ronald Allan Castro of Fitness First Greenhills.  He made an evaluation of my current fitness level and designed a session that fits me.

Our 1 hour workout was both intense and fun.  He showed me how to safely use and assisted me in using the different fitness equipment that worked my core and muscles which I don't use in triathlon.  He motivated me to finish every rep and set.  He inspired me to be better in my sport.  He shared to me several tips how to achieve my fitness goals fast.  He made me discover and learn new skills with the drills we did during the workout.

With my current fitness level, and the bad ass training session with Ronald, I'm convinced to get a personal trainer.  This will be tough, but I'm sure it'll be worth it!

From hereon, I will blog my Fitness First Chronicles to see how I fare in the coming months.

As a parting shot, I will leave you with a video featuring Ronald.

Say hi when I see you in Fitness First!  #FFLetsGetPersonal


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