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Sunday, June 1, 2008

"Road to Emaus"

God is very faithful. He once again affirmed me of His promise, that "Whenever two or more are gathered in His name, He is present." Today was like our version of the Road to Emaus, only that we knew that God is with us.

I started my day with my usual morning ritual-turning the television. God greeted me 'good morning' through the mass in QTV 11. I only finished the homily for I got to get going for the day.

Then I met Erwin Santos around 6:00 AM. We went to Tagaste Retreat House in Tagaytay to refund the Youth Camp Fee. On the way, we shared a lot about our service, leadership, relationships, and career. This kept us awake, and helped each other in the different areas of our life.

After getting the refund, we proceed to La Vista Pansol, Laguna for the on-going Youth Camp. We were both nostalgic, as we were former YFCs ourselves. Personally, I'm praising and thanking God in my heart, for seeing my young brothers and sisters continue the work of the Lord. I also praise and thank God for the young CFCs who helped oversee the Youth Camp.

God again affirmed me that His work will continue as He will. He never calls the mighty and the proud, but those who are obedient and trusting.

There were oppressions and harassments. But with God as our constant companion, we never feared and fixed our focus on Him. We knew all along that the battle was already won by the Lord.

The experience was very fulfilling, hearing my YFC brothers and sisters honoring each other, and thanking God for the privilege of serving Him and His people. I thanked them for trusting God through us their CFC/SFC Kuyas and Ates. I also thanked them for answering God's call.

Then we went to Ateneo in QC to attend a send-off mass for a friend who joined the Jesuit Volunteers. We came in late for the mass. Again, the gathering was filled with love. The volunteers were blessed by their parents, friends, the Priests, and fellow volunteers. After the mass, all shared a simple merienda, with fun and laughter.

Last destination is the Parish of Jesus the Divine Healer in Tahanan Village, Paranaque, to hear the 7:15 PM mass. I felt God's providence, as He really directed me to be there to experience healing. I prayed for physical healing, for my back pain that troubles me the whole day. I also prayed for spiritual healing, for myself, and to my brothers and sisters in the community (CFC/SFC/YFC).


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