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Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Joy of Shopping!

Never did I imagine that I would enjoy shopping.

Ok, let me explain. I shopped for new clothes, by force of circumstance (something that I’m happy about). My old clothes became very loose, that I looked like a corporate hip hop professional in the office. Worst, others thought that I’m in some sort of a serious illness.

Before my diet and workout plan, my pants were size 36 inches, and my shirt XXL.

But last September, I braved the shopping crowd during a mall sale event, and tried a size 34 pants, and to my surprise, it’s loose-fitting! With some degree of shyness, I then asked for a size 32. Voila! I fit perfectly!

Excitedly, I hurried to the nearby shops for my shirts. I can’t believe that I fit in American medium-sized shirts!

I was further elated when I fit a large shirt from Divisoria (intended for use as an event uniform), which my officemate asked me to try. With much gusto, I asked him to buy me 9 more in different colors.

I then remembered what Fr. Rolly Agustin said: “Things that you no longer use are no longer yours.” And so, I took out all the stuff in my closet and have it for disposed (through our relatives, the needy, etc.).

Buddy, diet and exercise does not only add years to your life. You also get to enjoy life! And I enjoyed shopping because I get to inspire people to be fit (and fab somehow), and share God’s material blessings.


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