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Sunday, November 22, 2009

My 1st Times

This post is to document my very first finish times in different race distances. Check the small box in the middle of this page for my personal records.

Hope that in the coming races, I get to improve in my speed, and continue to run injury-free. Wish me luck!

Race Distance
Finish Time
Date & Event
5km 33:38 03/22/2009 Condura Run
5Mi 58:18 05/17/2009 Market [2x]! Power Miler
10km 1:19:00 04/19/2009 Greenfield City Run
15km 1:55:00 06/07/2009 Mizuno Infinity Run
15km 2:00:00 05/31/2009 Earth Run
21km 2:34:48 07/05/2009 Milo
Marathon 6:54:00 10/24/2009 Smart Subic International


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