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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

PMA (Post-Marathon Activities)

Sharing to you the following activities that are essential to undertake after a marathon episode (and I want to collectively call these as PMA or Post-Marathon Activities). After last Sunday’s Condura Skyway Marathon, I knew that I need to be diligent in undertaking these activities, and listen carefully to my body, to ensure that I get back into the groove (I’m still a newbie, you know?! Hehehe). Good thing, my Galloway training program includes a 3 week recovery period.


Some find redeeming the medal from the booth a bit off-tune, but for me, I looked at it as an opportunity to cool-down. This allows my heart rate to normalize, after the last burst of energy in the homestretch.

And to the homestretch...
Photo by Brando Losario

Takbo.ph Family cooling down under the heat of the sun
Photo by Brando Losario


Immediately after getting my medal, I did the usual stretches from head to toe, to loosen and relax my muscles that are starting to tighten.

Image Source: https://www.physique.co.uk/large_catalogue_images/stretching_upper.jpg

Recovery Meal

I learned from Runners’ World that an excellent recovery meal may be as simple as a chocolate drink (concurred by the JazzRunner, Mr. Rene Villarta). Too bad, I wasn’t able to prepare one, and I was too tired to go the nearby convenience store.

Looking at my Suunto HRM, I was told I’ve burned almost 5000 calories. WOW! This gave me the opportunity to eat my favorite comfort food, like 2 piece chicken, large fries, and small Coke in Mc Donald’s, together with my Takbo.ph family (the hell with BLC, I’M HUNGRY!!! Hahaha).

All smiles AFTER eating their recovery meals
Photo by: Later, I forgot hehehe


Driving home makes me sleepy. I was almost tempted to pull over and take a nap. Praise God, I was able to hold it a little longer, and arrive home safely. I was too sleepy to take a bath, so I resolved to simply change clothes and reunite with my bed (I didn’t sleep the eve of the race, remember? Nice excuse hehehe).

Image Source: http://www.mrtraffic.com/wake.jpg

I woke up around 6PM, and slept again at 10PM.

Waking up on a Monday after marathon day with more than 8 hours of sleep felt like I still need more sleep. Same story come Tuesday and Wednesday morning. This only validates how drained I was with the race.

Ice Ice Baby

Waking up at 6PM last Sunday made me feel some soreness in my quadriceps, gluteus maximus, and patella. I remembered that I need to ice such sore areas within 24 hours to avoid further inflammation.

Image Source: http://www.runnersworld.com/images/cma/injury_ice2.jpg

Recovery Walks

My Galloway training plan ordered a 45 minute walk last Monday. This gave me the opportunity to roam around the mall and window shop hahaha. Initially, I had a hard time walking, since there's a little degree of soreness left in my quadriceps, however, it soon felt good after 15 mins.

Today’s order was a 30 to 60 minute walk, and walked my way again to the mall to have lunch and (yes!) window shop. Same story will happen on Friday, in case you wanna know.


Last Monday, after my recovery walk, I proceeded to the neighborhood spa and had my massage. It was soothing and very relaxing, especially in the areas where soreness were present.

I love the Ahhh in the Spa!
Image Source: http://www.delavaraclinic.com/images/MPj03829990000%5B1%5D.jpg

Recovery Runs

Yesterday, my Galloway training plan ordered a 30 minute run/walk session. After office, I did a 4:1 run:walk ratio, and was able to comfortably cover a good 3.46 kilometers (wow, that’s close to my marathon pace). Tomorrow, the plan calls for a 40 minute run/walk.

All these I learned from seasoned runners, and hope I was able to help you enjoy your PMA.


Anonymous,  February 11, 2010 at 10:08 AM  

Hi Jet my PMA consisted of a 14K bike last Tuesday and another 8k run Wed at BHS and Mckinley Hills,it worked! The pain in my leg subsided by almost 80%

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