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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Immersed (burp!)

I know swimming... but not the competitive type. I just know how to float, and swim my way to survive or rescue in case of emergency.

In my swimming sessions with Takbo.ph (er... Langoy.ph??) friends, I'm marveled with the graceful swim techniques of my friend and SFC brother Raff. I later learned that he knew TI. It was the first time I heard about it and I'm totally alien.

TI is Total Immersion, a method that teaches swimming efficiency and natural form in the water (click here to learn more about TI).

I also learned that Raff was able to informally teach TI to some of our friends, mostly female because they are more flexible and easier to teach. I once again watched my friends swim, and saw that they are almost synchronized gliding through the water.

Image Source: www.swimti.com

Swimming for me is an important skill. And in running, I learned that swimming is a good XT activity to build endurance, and exercise other muscle groups. This is my primary objective.

Two Thursdays ago, I was so happy when Raff taught me some drills. It was very challenging for me to learn not to panic in the water. It was equally challenging too for Raff to be patient with me hehehe.

Last Thursday, Raff made me review the drills, and taught me some more. It's getting more difficult, but I'm happy that I'm progressing. It was then that I realized the blessing, and resolved that I gotta work harder and learn faster.

I look forward joining Raff and his other apprentices swim and cross the 50 meter pool in the future.

All Multi-Sport Athletes!
Carina, Wilnar, Rico, Cherry, Karen, Pio, and Raff


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