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Monday, August 22, 2011

My CamSur Raves

Our TBX Ironman Weekend was my second time in CamSur.  Aside from the triathlon agenda, I also looked forward to experience anew the food and services of the following establishments:

Image Source: www.openrice.com

The first time I experienced Graceland was in Naga's Centro.  They offer the best local dishes like Bicol Express and Pinangat.  When we went there last weekend, the Centro outlet was closed for renovation.  Good thing they already have a branch in SM Naga.

Image Source: www.felicitousgalaera.blogspot.com

Bigg's Diner is a local 1950's inspired restaurant.  You would notice pictures of Elvis Presley, the Beatles, and other icons, as well as some 'gadgets' of the era.  I love their baby back ribs!

Image Source: www.openrice.com

Geewan is pretty much like Graceland.  I equally love their Bicol Express and Pinangat.

Image Source: www.skyscrapercity.com

I was able to first experience CamSur because of SM.  I went there in 2009 for a work assignment.  If you want to experience the above restaurants all in a day, just simply go to SM City Naga and feast to your palate's delight.

Image Source: www.cwcwake.com

Last weekend my first time in CWC, and our agenda and schedule was too hectic to allow me to go cable skiing.  The sights here were awesome, and I will make sure that next time I will ride and get thrilled by their adventure.

On September 25, 2011, I will have another opportunity to experience all these via CamSur Marathon 2011. I can't wait!

How about you?  Are you ready for CamSur?  Registration is still on-going.

Check out my previous post for more information.  Visit the CamSur Marathon website for more details.


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