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Saturday, August 20, 2011

TBX Ironman Weekend

August 13-14, 2011 marked another milestone for my team, Team Boring, as we heed to the call of another challenge to master one's self and become healthier, stronger, and better individuals.

Sometime last year, Rej Santos told the team his intention to become a triathlete.  We took it lightly and thought that he's just getting hyper again (he's diabetic, you know?!).  He's always like that every time we finish an ultra race.  But when we saw the picture of his time trial bike posted on Facebook last April 1, we knew that he's on his way to achieve greatness.

Boring ladies Ronnie Provido, Joy Vargas, and Cindy Sevilla surprised the team by registering themselves in this year's Ironman 70.3 Philippines as a relay team.  The Boring men got chicked.  Some have already participated in a few community-organized aquathlons, and yet no one thought of creating 70.3 relay team.  Perhaps, its time for the men to play crew to our dear ladies who are painstakingly supporting us for hours during ultra races.    

Sharing to you pictures I took and my updates in Team Boring's Facebook page.

August 13 at 5:26pm: crew nag-warm mula springvalley to cwc. (di naman 2k yun ah)

Boring people in unfamiliar territory

Even before the competition began, he's our Ironman!

Reverse Tri?
Cindy (run), Joy (bike), and Ronnie (swim)

TBX Atheletes

TBX Athletes and Crew

At the big lake

TBC Athletes and their course
August 13 at 6:53pm: crew nagsha-shopping muna sa SM ng pang TUBATELS hehehe

August 13 at 8:40pm: THE WHO? > 'Di ko gusto ang lasa ng Pocari pero love ko ang Tanduay Ice."

August 13 at 9:06pm: THE WHO? > 'Mayaman ako papuntang Bicol. Bakit parang sabi ng wallet ko di na ako makakauwi??'

Putok batok face-off:
Veggie Version vs The Real Thing! 
August 13 at 9:57pm: DA HU? > 'Ang galing mag-English ni Fred Uytengsu... Kukunin ko syang Ninong!'

August 14 at 4:26am: TBX Ironman Update: papunta na ang mga atletang bagot sa sidobolyusi.

August 14 at 4:29am: TBX Ironman Update: crew still playing tong-its.

Tong-its muna hehehe
August 14 at 4:59am: TBX Ironman Update: crew mapa-fun run muna papunta sidobolyusi.

Wave 1 is for the Pros

Joy and Cindy are all smiles as Ronnie and Rej are in the swim area

Media Choppers (Real and Radio-Controlled)

There goes the Pros

Succeeding waves are for the age-groupers

Cindy ala Macaulay Culkin

Mari Javier transferring from the big lake to the small lake

Anthony Pangilinan


Lia Manuel

Rico Villanueva


Senator Pia Cayetano finishing the swim leg
(She blogged her "race" with Chang Hitalia)

Ge Cinco

Celma 'Chang' Hitalia

BDM 160k Champion Wilnar Iglesia


Rico Villanueva
August 14 at 7:45am: TBX Ironman Update: Rej and Rania already done with (swim) leg.  Rej and Joy now riding...

Ronnie and Lia joining Cindy and Keshia Fule at the Transition Area
August 14 at 7:55am: TBX Ironman Weather Update: Cloudy with some drizzles (perfect for TUBATELS hehehehe)

August 14 at 8:35am: TBX Ironman Update: Pete Jacobs still leading the ride with Jesse Thomas following after 5mins.  Amanda Stevens leads the femal division.  Neil Catiil is Filipino #1.  Master Cindy doing her stretch while waiting with fellow relay elites.

August 14 at 8:37am: TBX Triathlon Lingo: Rice Cooker now Rice Porridge (lugaw daw yun)

August 14 at 8:51am: TBX Ironman Update: Pete Jacobs now running!

August 14 at 10:11am: TBX Ironman Update: waiting for Rej and Joy at the transition area...

Michelle Estuar finishing the bike leg

There goes Chang

Rej coming out of the transition area
 August 14 at 10:33am: TBX Ironman Update:  Rej now running!

Ge Cinco

Luis Arcanghel

I don't know him.  But he inspired me to consider 70.3 soon. 
At this point, all of us are all worried with Joy.  During her training, her left elbow and arm got injured when she fell off her bike.  She took the back seat for a while to rest and quickly recover for the 70.3 relay.  We did not expect for the hard rains to pour during the bike leg.  The roads will be slippery, and the rains would definitely bother Joy.  All that we wanted at that time is for her to safely arrive at the transition area.  Nothing more, nothing less.

Yep, our relay team got swept when Joy checked-in.  According to the rules, the bike leg should be finished in 4 hours.  Joy timed herself and finished in 3 hours and 56 minutes.  We did not bother to file a protest.  Joy safely finished the bike leg, she won it for the team, and that's all that matters.

August 14 at 11:41am: TBX Ironman Update: bike gate closed as Joy checked-in.  TBX relay team will kick ass next year. Meanwhile, Rej is on his way to become Ironman!

Fernando Zobel de Ayala finishing 70.3

Emil Ancheta


Sen. Pia

James Dulalia

August 14 at 1:01pm: TBX Ironman Update: Rej Santos is Ironman! (clap clap clap)

Rej Santos... YOU ARE IRONMAN!
August 14 at 3:11pm: TBX Ironman Update: From now on, no more TUBATELS! Level up na!!! TRIBATELS NAAAA! woot woot

Congratulations to all finishers!


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