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Thursday, November 18, 2010

My T2N 50k Saga

We are TEAM BORING! [Photo: JVargas]
Team huddle (myself in jacket and pants) [Photo: JVargas]
Nice shot! Thanks bro! [Photo: BJuaiting/JPerez]
Nice shirt! [Photo: BJuaiting/JPerez]

I'm BACK! [Photo: JVargas]
Yebah! [Photo: BJuaiting/JPerez]

Ultra BORING Runners! [Photo: MLontoc]
    Ultra BORING Crew! [Photo: MLontoc]
  1. I got injured in the 34th National Milo Marathon Eliminations.  I finished in 7 hours.
  2. To allow my lower body to heal completely, I decreased my mileage and ran as easy as I could for active recovery.
  3. After two weeks, the injury still bugs me.  To rule out, I underwent MRI three [3] days before Rexona Run.
  4. I still ran Rexona 21k, on a pace that is comfortable to my right knee, only to experience another injury - ITBS on the left.
  5. Had no other recourse but to cut running and do cross training.
  6. I enrolled in Aqualogic to learn Total Immersion swimming technique.
  7. Good news: I learned effortless swimming.
  8. Bad news: I'm gaining weight.
  9. Gone lunatic when I pursued, walked, and finished PAU P2P.
  10. The aftermath... more bad news: can't run = weight gain.
  11. Was very desperate to see Coach Tito Salazar to address my ITBS problem.
  12. I was screaming like hell in ULTRA while being treated one Sunday afternoon.
  13. Four [4] days after, I ran, and [voila!] no more pain!!!
  14. From then on, I will forget time goals.
  15. I will run at a comfortable pace.
  16. Speed will follow naturally.
  17. I contented myself to running 10k max.
  18. Confidence was very low every time I hit the road.
  19. Total weight gain: 10 lbs.
  20. I carried on.
  21. Fellow Team Boring members are encouraging me for an ultra comeback.
  22. I registered to run PAU Tagatay to Nasugbu 50k.
  23. Slowly but surely, I'm building back the base, by hitting the gym.
  24. I focused on strengthening my quads, and burning fat.
  25. Longest run logged prior to T2N was 21k.
  26. Team Boring was very prepared.  All runners and crew are determined to FINISH the race.
  27. I started slow, wearing jacket and pants.
  28. I was the sweeper in the 1st 10k.
  29. I walked uphill.
  30. I ran the flats and downhills.
  31. Pace was dictated by my heart rate.
  32. I took off the jacket and pants at km 11.
  33. I was overtaking come km 15 onwards.
  34. Was surprised of a 3:30 split at km 25.
  35. At the back of my mind, was dreaming of finishing a little past 7 hours.
  36. I held myself, and stuck to the game plan of running comfortably... INJURY-FREE!
  37. More overtakes come km 27 onwards.
  38. Generally, weather was cloudy.  Very ideal for an ultra-marathon.
  39. The shade of the trees were a respite when the sun peeks to kiss us hello.
  40. Only a few vehicles traverse our route.
  41. Perhaps some skipped the road trip to see Manny Pacquiao fight (and win over) Antonio Margarito.
  42. Caught fellow Team Boring member Marky somewhere in km 37.
  43. I was running, and Marky was brisk walking, and we caught each other in km 40.
  44. It was almost noontime, and the clouds suddenly disappeared.  The sun shone all its might.
  45. We got drained, and walked all the way to the end.
  46. All support crews did an outstanding job.  The last 5k was the most crucial, where they provided not only nutrition/hydration/effects - but encouragement.
  47. Already erased finishing within the cut-off time of 8 hrs.
  48. Reaching Jollibee-Nasugbu, cheers got louder, and was pushed for a strong finish.
  49. Finisher 150 in 8:06:28 [official].
  50. Confidence is back.  Praise God!


Julie @ Hotlegs Runner November 19, 2010 at 3:58 AM  

Praise God indeed! woohoo!

Hey, I want that boring shirt! padalan nyo naman ako dito!

Rod.Runn3r November 19, 2010 at 11:14 AM  

nice one, kapatid.

congrats!!! till next run!

Anonymous,  November 19, 2010 at 11:23 AM  

Hi Jet. Congratulations and great meeting you last Sunday. I'll be running the 32K on Sunday. Take care and hope to see you soon!

Anonymous,  November 19, 2010 at 2:41 PM  



Anonymous,  November 19, 2010 at 10:34 PM  

Praise HIM !!!
- trudis L -

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